Programs offered for 2012-13

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Crowned with Laurel (4 voice program)
Fourteenth-century poetry in song.

Recording coming Fall, 2012 — sponsored in part by the American Musicological Society's Noah Greenberg Award.

LIBER celebrates the art of fourteenth-century poet-musicians Francesco Landini and Guillaume de Machaut as well as their contemporary composers who set texts by master writers such as Francesco Petrarch, Giovanni Boccaccio, and Franco Sacchetti. Come experience the music that moved King Peter of Cyprus to lay upon Landini’s head a Crown of Laurel.
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A Medici in the Sistine Chapel (4 voice program)

The dawning of the sixteenth century saw the election of a pope from Italy’s most powerful family, the Medici. Known for their opulent courts and unimaginable wealth, the Medici broadened their earthly realm to the heavenly one with the papal election of Giovanni di Lorenzo de’ Medici. This program is a musical tour of the Sistine Chapel during the time of Pope Leo X. As pope, his patronage helped to establish a haven where the world’s best composers wrote the great works of Renaissance vocal polyphony and the world’s best choir, the Capella Sistina, was on hand to sing them.
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Rome, San Pietro, and the Papacy (4 voice program)

The fourteenth-century Papacy found itself at the center of one of the most devisive political conficts in history. The Schism of the Western Church led to the election of up to three popes, one in Rome, one in Avignon, and one in Pisa! The Schism created an enormous outlet for new compositions supporting three different papal seats. LIBER explores the music of this tumultuous time, bringing to life spectacular music performed in San Pietro, Rome as well as the celebratory motets written for the Avingon, Roman, and Pisan popes. Composers include Antonius de Civitate, Matteo da Perugia, Humbertus de Salinis, and Guillaume Du Fay.
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Survivors! (4 voice program)
English music from before the Dissolution of the Monasteries

This program couples the once-lost treasures from the period's most influential centers of musical activity – Durham, Fountains Abbey, Norwich, Bury St. Edmunds Abbey, and the cosmopolitan court of Edward III – with those found in the only complete codex written in the British Isles since the 11th century, the Old Hall Mansucript. Click here for details....

“The singing is responsible, tasteful, and unfailingly artistic, with lovely balancing and blending of voices. Those who may regret the dismantling of Anonymous 4 would do well now to embrace Liber unUsualis. . . . This plucky little ensemble is a treasure to nurture.” (American Record Guide)

Nowell (4 voice program)
Christmas Songs Old & New

A unique and broad-ranging collection of pieces from the middle ages and renaissance, combined with a few exquisite modern choral works based on ancient texts. The program intertwines carols, motets, and lullabies from across Europe and North America with modern works such as Hugo Distler's "Es ist ein Ros entsprungen," and John Harbison's "O magnum misterium." 
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Previously offered programs

A Medieval Reliquary (3 voice program)
Songs for Saints

Music from 14th- and 15th- century England, France, and Italy by Walter Frye, Matteo da Perugia, Guillaume Du Fay, and others. Click here for details…

Soprano Melanie Germond...articulated the poetic, winding melodies flawlessly, beautiful and animated over the slow-moving tones held fast by tenor, William Hudson. These tones stood like columns in the room, which supported the melodies in a wonderful way into the ears and hearts of the audience. . . . The echo continues in the mind a long time." (Die Rheinpfalz, Germany)